1. GET A REAL ESTATE AGENT. If you don’t already have a real estate agent, you’ll want to find one with experience and knowledge selling homes in your area. Someone familiar with your neighborhood is going to be more enthusiastic and be able to provide more answers and information to potential buyers. Interview two or three agents before making a decision, and hire the one you feel is best qualified. Talk to their references. Most agents are happy to provide references of satisfied clients you can talk to.

2. DECLUTTER AND DE-PERSONALIZE THE HOME. Put away the wonder wall of family photos. You want prospective buyers to see themselves in your home, so minimizing the pictures, portraits and collectibles will allow them to visualize it as their home, rather than yours.

3. CLEAN THE HOUSE. A clean house goes a long way. Even if it needs a bit of updating, people can usually see past that as long as the home is clean. If it’s dirty, that’s what people will notice and they likely won’t want to come back.

4. TIDY UP THE YARD. Curb appeal is extremely important. That doesn’t mean you have to have a professionally designed garden that all your neighbors envy. It means your yard should be tidy, the grass cut, weeds pulled out of the flower beds, kids toys put away and the general appearance is of a neat and tidy property. Just like the inside of the home should be clean, so should the yard. If buyers drive up and see a yard full of weeds, overgrown grass and a pile of junk, they may just keep on driving.

5. SECURE YOUR VALUABLES. Once the home is on the market, put away items you treasure or are valuable. Lock your jewelry box when you’re not home, secure important papers and documents in a locked filing or storage cabinet. While real estate agents do their best to ensure the security of your home, you don’t want to leave anything to chance and it’s best to put away items that are important or valuable either from a financial or sentimental standpoint.
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